Project Category : Billboard

Project Location : Sandakan, Sabah

Company Name : N.45 Elopura

If you have bought a space by roadside, at the highway, at the building or what so ever. Please take a look at this, we will make your board stand-out and all the driver will passing by slowly.

Day 1 : Received picture for Billboard Design request

Job Scope: Create a “CREATIVE” Signboard to replace the old one. Oh yea, must keep YB photo in there! If can, add some local significant stuff!

CREATIVE in designer mindset is….

Don’t laugh… I really like it 😛

Theme: Fly me to Kim Fung Pasar Malam

YB Calvin = Prince Ali, as they both love the city very much, humble, young and energytic. Orang Utan is one of the significant wild life in Sandakan.

Just like Prince Ali, YB Calvin love his wife and they just welcome their first child.

Deng deng deng deng!!!!

Theme: Keep Sandakan Clean, Litter Free City start from you & me.

Link the billboard with the background, use simple words and picture to remind everyone keep our environment clean!
Here we go to the final accepted version, hey keep the city clean ok!

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