Soy Collagen

Soy Collagen Healthy Food

August 3, 2023

Branding Identity, Logo, Packaging Design Art Direction, Animation , Videography

Idea & Concepts

At the early stage of logo development, the designer started to explore the idea of the premium user category, new approach to the women products.
The Soy Collagen is designated to female user, as a result of the creative search for the feminine look & feel, the designer came up with an idea of golden curve lines in means of more gradiant look after use.

Logo Official

Testimonials Video Production

The brand experience in feminine healthy products.



To design flyer, we created a catchy graphic element: the gold paint which would represent brand’s idea of the premium ingredients.


For minimalistic and stylish look, the packaging featured pinkish colors and the premium version of the logo.

Social Media

We create social media post in regular monthly basis for client promotion needs, as well as testimonials video and talent handling.

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