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MW Chiropractic Micky Wong - The Chiropractor

December 17, 2019

Photography, Videography Flyer, Art Direction

Idea & Concepts

At the early stage of logo development, the designer started to explore the idea of the authentic taste, new approach to the homemade charcoal steam pork & yam business.
The “Kou Rou” dish is a symbol of reunion. As a result of the creative search for the look & feel, the designer came up with an idea to take the words reunion in Mandarin as the company logo and give it a round red dot with the founder name in it.

Photography & Videography


To design tri-fold flyer, we created a catchy graphic element which can see through a spine within a man. Make every details info fit into an A4 size.

Social Media Video

The talented Chriropractor Micky Wong teaches her client how to to simple workout at home.