Infinite Horizon Consulting

Infinite Horizon Consulting Medical Professional Accreditation Company

March 16, 2023

Branding Identity, Logo, Art Direction Stationery, Uniform, Welcome Gift

Idea & Concepts

At the early stage of logo development, the designer started to explore the medical professionalism, new approach to the accreditation business and service.
From the very beginning, there appeared the concept of + sign which would direct link to medical services. As a result of the creative search for the symbol, the designer and doctor came up with an idea to add in the ECG sign into the shot form of the company name IHC and give it a + sign in the end symbolic ++ service provided.

Logo Official

IHC is your quality, lean, accreditation consulting partner


Business Card

To design business cards, we created a catchy graphic element and mordenise background.


For minimalistic and stylish look, the leatterhead and invoice featured solid blue and grey colors and the simplified version of the logo.


The uniform followed the general stylistic concept and consistent visual presentation. The designer created the unique and though-out the color scheme.